RoctoberFest Battle of the Bands - October 25, 2008 Oaks, PA

Battle of the Bands Rules, Regulations, and Scoring Criteria


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1) Bands must pay a $20.00 non-refundable entry fee and submit a CD or MP3  to Sports Extreme by October 15, 2008.

2) Demo music must be submitted to Sports Extreme in MP3 or CD (preferred  method) form and will be posted online to be voted on by the public. The top 6 vote-getters will be chosen to perform at “Roctoberfest” Battle of the Bands finals.

• Demo tapes must include both covered and original tracks.

• If demo also includes cover songs, please denote ahead of time which tracks are the originals. If your demo tape does not include original tracks, your band will not be selected to perform at the event.

3) "Roctoberfest" finalists (6-8) bands must play 4 songs, two of which must be original material. Each band’s set must fill approximately 15 minutes but must not exceed 20 minutes.

• For every minute exceeding the 20 minute limit, the band will be penalized 5
points from their total score.

• If after your band has agreed to play their set modeled after the criteria explained above and fail to provide the required amount of original material listed, this infraction will result in immediate disqualification.

4) All competing bands are strongly encouraged to partake in ticket sales for the advantage of
crowd applause, which will be one of the criteria for which judging is based.

5) There is no limit to the number of bands who wish to apply for the competition and all submitted demos will be posted online for possible selection.

6) Any distasteful behavior, and or damage to The Cisco Arena and Sports Extreme will result in an automatic disqualification at the hands of management and judges.

7) Registration fee is non-refundable under all circumstances, including withdraw from the competition.

8) Each competing band receives three complementary tickets in order to gain awareness and build their fan-base for the show. All other tickets will be full price for the rate of $20 General admission and $25 VIP (limited seats) which includes waitress service.

9) Judging is done on a 1 -10 scale by 3 qualified judges. The 4 criteria on which the bands will be judged are explained below. The final criteria, however, will be crowd reaction. How loud can you make our arena? BRING YOUR FANS!!!

10) A "Performer" consists of many different things. For these events, we require both instrumental and vocal performance; a band of 8 or a solo act, both are allowed as long as they sing and play at least one instrument.

11) Sports Extreme will not be held accountable for any broken equipment, injuries, or any other negative occurrences outside of our staff’s control.

12) The winner of "Roctoberfest" will be asked to play an encore after the final judgments for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Please have a second set prepared in the event of VICTORY! (“covered and original track” rules do not apply in the encore; material can be chosen at band’s discretion).

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David Spencer
From The Balcony
Furious Waffle Party
Harp Haven
My Ebenezer
Ninety Nine North
Rocket 88
Woodland Avenue

"We want you! Call 610-650-8450 to enter the battle. Ask for Nick."

422 Business Center
Oaks, Pa., 19456.
Click her for directions to find Sports Extreme!

General Admission is $20.

VIP with waitress service $25.

  • Sept. 1: Looking for bands, call 610-650-8450
  • Oct. 25: Live Roctoberfest Battle of the Bands & Halloween Party